​We represent three French Cooperages with a range of barrels to suit the huge range of wine styles and varieties produced in the various regions of Australia.





The complexities of French Oak wine barrels and how they impart flavour to the wine have long been a topic of research and debate. For a brief overview of this process, read this article by Clive Hartley from Winestate, including comments from Vinum client, Conor van der Reest (Moorilla Estate).


Boutes is a quality-driven, family owned-and-run cooperage with an outstanding reputation. Boutes pride themselves on maintaining control of all stages of production, including the acquisition of their oak material direct from the assorted forests rather than from secondary stave suppliers.

The Gillet cooperage is based in St. Roman, Burgundy. Apart from their traditional following in Burgundy with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Gillet is proving itself to be a quality French oak supplier throughout the world’s winegrowing regions with an assortment of varieties. 

Tonnellerie Garonnaise from the South East of Bordeaux is our newest cooperage and offers a range of artisan barrels with a great balance of flavour and tannins.

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