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Tonnellerie Garonnaise is our newest cooperage – offering a range of artisan barrels with a great balance of flavour and tannins.

Garonnaise is located in Marmande, France (approx 80km East of Bordeaux). It was bought by Tonnellerie Boutes in 2009 because of their superior craftmanship, particularly with large oak barrels, vats and tanks. The original owner of this 20 year old cooperage, Mr Hubert Caille has agreed to stay on at Garonnaise to manage the cooperage for the Barthe family.

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The Barthe family is committed to maintaining the artisanal personality and style of the cooperage. Production is kept between 3,000 and 5,000 barrels per year.

Combining this with the Boutes wood sourcing capabilities and quality assurance systems we get the best of both worlds. This results in the unique sensory characteristics expected from a more ‘traditional’ cooperage with an assured quality and consistency.

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Garonnaise offers only a small range of barrels which have been proven to provide characters associated with slow and soft extraction. A characteristic roundness and the more generous yet mellow aromas of hot biscuit, vanilla and spice are the result.





This is achieved through the Garonnaise focus on toasting. This involves a small brazier that is suspended inside the barrel to enable radiant heat to influence the toasting rather than the flames of a more intense brazier.


Radiation is the most important tool to gain better penetration into the stave wood, without ‘charring’ the inner surface of the barrel.

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